Sure Cut Lance System

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The Oxylance Sure Cut system will cut virtually any metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and is faster than conventional oxy-acetylene cutting or carbon arc gouging. The Sure Cut exothermic cutting rods don't require preheating or cleaning of the material prior to cutting. It is easy to use and is cost effective for most applications.

          - Holder
          - 25’ X 5/16” Oxygen Hose
          - 25’ X #4 Power Lead
          - 25’ X #4 Ground Lead w / Striker Plate
          - 1/4” and 3/8” Collet
          - 12 ea. 1/4” X 24” Sure Cut Rods
          - 12 ea. 3/8” X 24” Sure Cut Rods
          - 26” Tool Box

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