Portable Vaporizer, 2400 SCFH

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HELP STOP HOSE FREEZING. Attach a portable vaporizer directly to your liquid oxygen bottle to increase the output of the bottle. Line freezing occurs when too much oxygen is being forced from the liquid bottle and as a result, liquid oxygen gets into the line. A vaporizer increases the output of the bottle to allow for more oxygen vapor flow.

Unit can be mounted to a skit or attached to the side of a liquid bottle.

Vaporizer Information

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Part Number MF044.5A-HF
Flow 2400 SCFH
Maximum Pressure 600 PSI
Inlet Connection 3/4" NPT or CGA 440 with Included Hose
Outlet Connection 3/4" NPT or Customizable Attachement
Material Aluminum
Country of Manufacture